Shawnee Communications Center Earns State Recognition

The Shawnee News-Star

This year, during a world-wide pandemic, Shawnee Communications Center processed thousands of calls for emergency assistance. Some of these calls for help were familiar, while others were new in nature and the way in which they were processed to maintain the safety of the scene responders and the citizens. Throughout the year, several telecommunicators were recognized for their efforts in saving lives and making 9-1-1 services better for the community.  

At the beginning of 2020, Chris Ridgway was recognized for assisting in the birth of a child through phone instructions. In June, Haley Wright was recognized for the role she played in helping to save the life of a toddler after being submerged under water for several minutes. Channa Pauley received the Telecommunicator of the Quarter award in September in honor of her efforts to improve the Communications Center through teamwork between scene responders and Telecommunicators. In October, Robert Conley was recognized as the Pottawatomie County Dispatcher of the Year after he assisted a caller in danger of a life-threatening domestic violence situation. Chrissy Brown was recognized as the Technical Person of the Year for Oklahoma in October, as she worked toward improving the technology within the 9-1-1 Center and across Oklahoma.  

With the combined professionalism of the Shawnee Telecommunicators, and their continued efforts to train and improve, Shawnee Communications Center was awarded the Emergency Communications Center of the Year for 2020.  

These ladies and gentlemen worked 24/7 to make sure emergency and non-emergency phone lines are answered for citizens of Shawnee for any fire, medical or police emergency. They also dispatch medical services for all of Pottawatomie County, southern Lincoln County, southwest Okfuskee County and northeast Seminole County. Their continued dedication is appreciated.