Shawnee resident owns unique metaphysical, spiritual supply store

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Oak, Ash and Thorn is a metaphysical and spiritual supply store owned by Shawnee resident Lorna Ward.
Dozer is the lovable and friendly mascot of Oak, Ash and Thorn.
Located at 112 E Main Street Oak, Ash and Thorn sells a variety of items including stones, herbs, candles and more.
Located at 112 E Main Street Oak, Ash and Thorn sells a variety of items including stones, herbs, candles and more.
Located at 112 E Main Street Oak, Ash and Thorn sells a variety of items including stones, herbs, candles and more.

From herbs to crystals to incense, business owner Lorna Ward provides a variety of unique spiritual supplies through her store, Oak, Ash and Thorn in downtown Shawnee. 

"Oak, Ash and Thorn is a community metaphysical store and we sell spiritual and metaphysical supplies to the community," Ward said. "(I'm) just trying to fill a niche." 

Named for the three trees sacred in the Druid world, Ward said she purchased Oak, Ash and Thorn from another business owner and opened its doors in April of 2019.  

"There was a little store here in town but a lot of people did not know she was here even," Ward said. "I didn't want to see the store close so I purchased it. I felt like I was filling a niche in the community that was needed."  

Ward said at Oak, Ash and Thorn, many of the supplies are for people who practice and believe in spiritual belief systems such as Pagan and Wiccan. 

"Everybody practices differently. Some people do Taro. Some people do pendulum work and it's just an alternative lifestyle in the spirituality realm," Ward said.  

The business owner said while there are stores similar to hers throughout the Metro, she is one of the few in Shawnee and she wanted to continue to bring spiritual supplies to those who need it in the community.  

"A lot of people don't know I'm here. Although I am being found more and more every day," Ward said.  

For the last 35 years, Ward has worked in the dental field and she continues to do so in addition to owning Oak, Ash and Thorn. 

"I work billing insurance for specialty dentists and I've been doing that for about 10 years," Ward said.  

Originally from Midwest City, Ward said she moved back to Oklahoma from Georgia a little over four years ago and chose to live in Shawnee because she loves living in a small town.  

Ward said the best aspect of owning the store is connecting with the variety of people from Shawnee, which is a small and old town she's come to treasure.  

"I enjoy the people. I have another full-time job and I work behind a computer all day long," Ward said. "I love being able to meet new people in the area and I enjoy everybody coming in."  

She also said she loves helping people find what they're looking for and answering any questions about different spiritual practices.  

"I try not to preach to people but I do try to offer other alternatives if that's what they're looking for or just to answer questions mainly," Ward said.  

The business owner said one of the more challenging aspects of running her store is doing everything herself.  

"Recently I've gotten a lot busier and I've had to spend more of my off time being there to do things that need to get done," Ward said. "I just didn't expect it but that's okay. I'm learning."  

While she is a member of the medical field and has respect for medical professionals, Ward said she is also a member of the Pagan world and believes in celebrating life and nature.  

In fact, of the items in her store, Ward said she enjoys providing herbs and natural remedies to people. 

Ward said her customers are always willing to share the different ways they utilize the herbs and other items in her store.  

"Everybody is willing to help each other and at first I thought it was my store, but since COVID-19 especially, it's really not my store it's the community's store," Ward said. "I just work it and run it."  

Ward found the spiritual realm as a young woman.  

"My family was very devout Christian but it just never felt right to me," Ward said. "I would never judge anybody for their spiritual beliefs. I follow my own path and I've always done that."  

After seeing her mother take a variety of medications and eventually pass away from a terminal illness, Ward said she became passionate about helping people find natural remedies to treat their illnesses. 

"I don't judge anybody. We all have our lives to live and we do the best we can every day," Ward said. "I got into this because I just wanted something better than what other belief systems were offering. It's what's right for me." 

As time goes on, Ward said she hopes to eventually run Oak, Ash and Thorn full-time. 

"I gave myself two to five years to get the store up and going and hopefully I would be able to support myself to where I could quit my other job," Ward said.  

In addition, Ward said she hopes to expand her hours, move to a larger building next to her current location and host various classes.  

Oak, Ash and Thorn's hours are Wednesday-Friday, 3-7 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  

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