Shawnee family owns, operates Sweet Southern Swank Boutique

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Owner of Sweet Southern Swank Boutique Tammy Reece with her daughter Tandie and granddaughter Piper.
Sweet Southern Swank Boutique is owned by Tammy Reece and located at 1510 N Kickapoo Street.

Tecumseh native, mother and grandmother Tammy Reece runs and operates Sweet Southern Swank Boutique in Shawnee, which provides affordable clothing to the Shawnee community and surrounding areas.  

According to Reece, Sweet Southern Swank, 1510 N. Kickapoo Street, is a family-owned business and has been open since September of 2014.  

"Sweet Southern Swank is a trendy boutique (and) we really focus on bringing affordable clothing to our customers whether they came inside the store or if they shop online," Reece said.  

Originally from Tecumseh, Reece said she built Sweet Southern Swank from the ground up. 

"Before having our storefront, we were actually doing shows and we were in a couple of market places because I worked full time and then four years ago, we decided to open up our first brick and mortar," Reece said.  

Reece said before building her business, she worked in a financial institution for 32 years. 

For Reece the best part about owning Sweet Southern Swank is getting to connect with her customers. 

"We have built a lot of long-term relationships with our customers and that was one of the reasons I wanted to start it," Reece said. 

The business owner said she also loves taking part in helping her customers feel good about themselves.  

"We bring affordable good quality clothing that's stylish to our customers," Reece said.  

While there's a lot to running a business, Reece said she doesn't feel like it's a challenge. 

"We take everything day-by-day and we don't believe in failure. You have to continue to grow and you'll always have competition but we believe in community over competition," Reece said.  

The business owner said Sweet Southern Swank doesn't hesitate to refer customers to other boutiques in the area.  

Like other stores, Reece said Sweet Southern Swank had to shut its doors for a time due to the pandemic.  

However, rather than doing nothing, Reece said she and her staff utilized their website to stay in business.  

"We chose to continue to drive our online and bring our customers products and just ship them to (our customers)," Reece said. "COVID did create obstacles but we were able to handle those and move forward."  

Reece said Sweet Southern Swank encourages customers to socially distant and gives them the option to wear a mask.  

In the future Reece said she hopes to create a new storefront for Sweet Southern Swank.  

"We're hopeful that 2021 will be our year to build our new building," Reece said.  

In addition, Reece said Sweet Southern Swank is thankful for its customers.  

"We appreciate the support our customers show four small business," Reece said. "It it wasn't for our customers we wouldn't be here today."  

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