Pott. County commissioners allocate tax funds

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star

Pottawatomie County commissioners on Tuesday approved the Economic Development Committee's recommendations to use sales tax funds to help a Tecumseh business as well as Bison Crossing.

The Economic Development Committee recommended that commissioners award $50,000 from county economic development sales tax allocations for the expansion of the Farmer's Daughter Market in Tecumseh.

According to Deann Smith, owner of Farmer's Daughter Market, she is excited to know she will be able to expand her businesses.

In addition, commissioners approved the committee's recommendation to award $45,000 to Bison Crossing and Main Street Development.

The funds for these projects come from the permanent sales tax the commissioners passed in 2008. 

At the meeting, the committee thanked the commissioners for their past investment totaling $1,414,378.99 in 16 different projects.

The Economic Development Committee said from these projects 465.5 jobs have been created, the Annual Property Tax increased to $309,650, the annual wages provided by the new jobs totaled $10,105,922, and the overall return of the investments totaled $84,365,3522.30. 

According to Tim Burg, Economic Development Director for Shawnee Ford, he and Shawnee Ford help business owners apply to the Economic Development Committee which will then recommend to the commissioners what businesses should receive sales tax funds to expand their businesses. 

Burg explained once commissioners approve of a business expansion or project those businesses must have the work done then provide invoices to the commissioners who will then reimburse those expenses with the sales tax funds they granted to the business owners.

For example, Burg said the Farmer's Daughter Market wants to expand its kitchen and parking lot so to receive the $50,000 it was rewarded it must complete work on its kitchen and parking lot and then it will be reimbursed with those funds. 

In addition, Burg said Shawnee Ford and the Economic Development Committee look for projects that will provide more jobs, more sales tax collection and other such items. 

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