Pottawatomie County animal rescues help strays survive winter storm

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
The Animal Rescue Center of Shawnee took in three puppies from Choctaw Animal Rescue, which temporarily lost heat during the winter storm.
ARC Cats: The Animal Rescue of Shawnee also rescued this cat and her kittens from the flap in a fifth wheel camper.

Animal rescues in Pottawatomie County and the surrounding areas are at capacity, but are continuing to help stray animals as much as they can during this frigid winter storm.

According to Kay Heinz, president of Animal Rescue of Shawnee (ARC), while all the local rescues are full, they've taken in various animals and protected them against the extreme cold. Other efforts also are ongoing to help animals through the storm.

Heinz said ARC delivered seven doghouses to a man who feeds cat colonies in Shawnee, and ARC also took in three puppies from Choctaw Animal Rescue, which already had over 150 strays and had lost heat temporarily.

In addition, she said another rescuer, Shannon Farmz, also took in another three dogs from the Choctaw Animal Rescue because of the power outage.

Ahead of these frigid temperatures, Heinz said ARC transported 42 puppies out of the state to other rescues before the storm, took donated dog food to other rescues and supplied cat and dog food for a couple of homeless animals in Harrah.

Heinz said many people have left voicemails for ARC regarding stray cats and dogs.

"We are advising (people) to provide shelter for now and a (woman) who has eight four-week old pups whose mom abandoned them was given two cases of canned food while she tries to keep them warm until after the storm and then we will take them," Heinz said.

As the weather continues, Heinz asks everyone to continue to protect pets and stray animals from the harshness of the bitter cold.

"If you are not able to bring your pet inside, contact your local veterinarian clinic to see if they can provide boarding facilities," Heinz said.

The animal rescuer said the Northside Boarding Facility on 45th Street in Shawnee might board animals and can be reached at 405-273-3700.

In addition, Heinz said the LBSRSQ Foundation, originally known as Friends of Shawnee Animals, has received donations of dog houses and straw and will try to help with sheltering stray cats and dogs in Shawnee.

People can contact Trisha Foreman at (405)-765-4585.

If people find a stray animal, Heinz encourages them to seek out their local SPCA office or visit okhumane.org for assistance.

Heniz also said people can also contact ARC at (405)-431-9326 and leave a message about a stray they may have taken in during this winter storm.

Check back for updates.