Tecumseh Schools get OK to use sales tax funds for farm barn project

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Tecumseh Public School

Pottawatomie County commissioners have approved the Tecumseh school district's use of $35,000 in its education sales tax funds for expenses relating to the Tecumseh High School agricultural barn project.

According to Tecumseh Public School Assistant Superintendent Robert Kinsey, the district is excited as the completion of the farm barn draws closer.

He explained there were some unforeseen expenses for the project, which required the request for additional funds.

"One of those expenses was a change from the original plan for the septic system of the facility to include an aerobic septic system," Kinsey said. "This change was made at the request of the Department of Environmental Quality."

In addition, Kinsey said the other expense was for changing the distance of the barn in proximity to a fire hydrant.

"The closest hydrant was farther away from the building than state requirements allow, so a water line and fire hydrant needed to be installed nearby the building to meet those safety requirements," Kinsey said.

Currently, the administrator said these changes are being made and the project should be completed soon.

"As spring time approaches, our students and teachers are excited to be able to move into the new facility and begin using it," Kinsey said. "We know that it will be a blessing to our FFA and 4H students."

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