Meet Shawnee's Leona Satterfield, who was recently appointed Pottawatomie County Assessor

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Leona Satterfield.

Shawnee resident Leona Satterfield began her first day as the county assessor Thursday, April 1, after being appointed by Pottawatomie County Board of County Commissioners.

According to Satterfield, she is looking forward to once again serving the county.

"I am really excited. I have previous experience in that office and so I feel like it's a real honor to be able to take that position," Satterfield said.

She explained she was selected as the new county assessor after Troyce King decided to retire.

"Troyce was a great leader and a great boss and a great person overall so I'm hoping I do as good a job if not better as he did for our citizens," she said.

What to know about Leona Satterfield

When she was in high school, Satterfield participated in the Junior Training Partnership Association and worked part-time for a year and a half in the county clerk's office.

Satterfield was hired full-time at the clerk's office in 1989 and since then she has sporadically worked in civil service.

"I started in the County Clerk's office and worked there for four and half years and I worked off and on in the County Assessor's office for about 11 years," Satterfield said.

She held various part-time jobs in between working for the county before leaving the county assessor's office in 2019 to work at the Center for Local Government Technology through Oklahoma State University.

The civil servant said she was born and raised in Shawnee, graduated from Shawnee High School, graduated from Shawnee Beauty College and practiced cosmetology before returning to office work.

Satterfield says she's excited for challenges ahead

For Satterfield, the best aspect of working for the county is educating people on government proceedings such as the tax assessment process.

"It's very complex and once you explain that process to people who don't know at least they have an understanding (of) where that comes from and that's always rewarding to make sure they have an understanding," Satterfield said.

While she likes providing needed information, Satterfield said being county assessor is not without its challenges.

"We are audited every year by the Oklahoma Tax Commission. As far as I'm aware of we haven't had any problems," she said. "So that's a little bit stressful. We have certain requirements and deadlines we have to do each year."

She explained it's a big responsibility but she's looking forward to taking on the challenge.

Satterfield's family has been extremely supportive of her new position and the community has responded well.

She said her time at the Center of Local Government Technology made her ready for this job.

"We have been implementing a new state wide software program to county assessors throughout the state," she said. "So I've had a lot of travel so I'm looking forward to being home every night with my family. That said I feel like I learned so much more at the CLGT that made me prepared to take over the County Assessor's office."

Going forward, Satterfield is eager to begin her work and serve the communities of Pottawatomie County.

"(I'm looking forward to) just getting in there and getting to work and making sure that we do our job and do it well," she said. "I look forward to working with other county officials and just helping the general public."

The county assessor position will be up for election in 2022 and Satterfiled intends to run for the seat.