Shawnee Board of Education sets date for bond sale

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star

In their regular meeting Monday night, the Shawnee Board of Education voted to set the date of their bond sale for May 14 at noon in the board room at the SPS Administration Building.

According to Cherity Pennington, SPS district communications and library services coordinator, this is the sixth sale for the selling of the bonds from a bond issue that was approved by voters in 2016.

Pennington said the original bond series was for $32,225,000 and the district will have bond sales every odd year.

"It was split into eight sales. This will be the sixth sale so there will be two more," Pennington said. "One for fiscal year 2023 and one for fiscal year 2025. 2025 will complete the issuance of the bonds."

She explained these bonds make up the funds from the 2016 bond issue and they have all been used for the various construction projects and improvements to the school sites.

The remaining funds will also be used for the construction of the new elementary school, which will be built on land along 45th Street, she added.

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