OBU students assist Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce with digital marketing

Leslie Merritt, Dakota Jones

Marketing students from Oklahoma Baptist University were able to help Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce with their digital marketing through a micro-internship.

Three students, Dakota Jones, Lydia Birkes, and Robert Lolofie, were part of an Internet and Digital Marketing class taught by Dr. Daryl Green. Students worked with the Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce, which is a non-profit organization that provides support and resources for community businesses in the Tecumseh area.

Students teamed up and worked with Executive Director Leslie Merritt to create a strong digital presence, as well as creating awareness of the chamber for the younger generation. The students were able to accomplish these goals by providing social media posts that showed Tecumseh Chamber’s brand and by creating an ad campaign. With these posts and ads, the students were able to create awareness for their client.

“This micro-internship was a great opportunity to experience everything we learn in class and incorporate it in real life experiences,” said Jones. “I am grateful for this experience and being able to work with such an incredible company to become more knowledgeable and have an important experience.”

“It was really nice working with Leslie,” said Birkes. “She gave us real life connections and experiences.”

With the digital marketing analysis and research put into this micro-internship, the students were able to learn how to accurately assist their client, expand their knowledge of digital marketing, and learn what their future careers might hold.

For more information on the Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce please visit www.tecumsehchamber.com or find them on Facebook and Instagram. For more information about the Paul Dickinson College of Business at Oklahoma Baptist University, visit www.okbu.edu/business.