Hail damages Shawnee apartments; loss estimated at $100K

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Cimarron Terrace Apartments in Shawnee suffered from many damages due to the hail storm Wednesday night.
A car at Cimarron Terrace Apartments in Shawnee with a two by four impaled in the windshield was declared totaled.

Cimarron Terrace Apartments in Shawnee sustained significant damage after Wednesday night's hail storm.

According to Shawnee Emergency Manager Rachelle Erickson, the apartment complex is located at 1810 N. Harrison Street and two buildings in the complex have multiple reports of damage.

Erickson said the roof of one building was completely blown off, while the AC units on the other building were twisted into a large knot.  Large tree limbs fell causing other damage, a car in the parking lot was completely totaled and other cars were damaged.

Two residents in a building were displaced due to the destruction, but Erickson explained one was temporarily relocated to an empty apartment unit and the other is still in her home because the damage was easier to contain with a tarp and will be repaired soon. However, Erickson said the woman can utilize American Red Cross for temporary housing assistance if needed.

Erickson explained the estimated cost of repairs to the building is around $100,000.

In addition to Cimarron Terrace Apartments, the storm damaged a stop light at Independence and Harrison. The light has since been repaired.

Erickson said all this damage has been reported to the city, county and state.

No other damage has been reported but to report any damages, please call Shawnee Emergency Management, (405) 878-1652.