Voters to decide South Rock Creek bond election May 11

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
South Rock Creek.

Voters will decide a $390,000 South Rock Creek Bond Election on Tuesday, May 11.

According to SRC Superintendent Mike Crawford, the bond is a transportation bond that if passed will be used to purchase four new buses with air conditioning for the district.

Crawford said if the bond is approved there will be no projected tax increase and the district hopes to pay it off in four years or less.

"All three of our bus routes and our transportation bus would all be brand new," Crawford said. "Right now the fleet that we use to run our routes with (are old)."

The educator said one bus is 12 years old, one is eight and another is on its third year. He explained the district wants to use the bond funds to purchase 2020 or newer buses.

"Those buses would all be new and under warranty and that makes it a lot safer for our kids," Crawford said. "Also there's a little bit of a cost savings of not having to pay for repair costs at least until the warranty runs out."

If passed, Crawford said this bond would allow South Rock Creek to offer students the best transportation possible and the best equipment possible.

'"We look forward to having (the bond election) and hopefully our folks can come out and support the bond issue," Crawford said. "They've done a great job of always supporting our bonds in the past."

Typically, Crawford said South Rock Creek holds building bond issues so it's nice to have a different opportunity.

"Instead of buying buses every so many years we can get a new fleet all at once and take care of our transportation needs for a while," Crawford said.

Bond issues require a 60 percent supermajority vote to pass.

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