SSC provides Associate’s Degree option for Seminole High School students


Seminole students can now earn an associate’s degree before they graduate high school thanks to the partnership between Seminole Public Schools and Seminole State College. Beginning in the fall of 2021, Seminole High School curriculum options will be expanded to offer five learning pathways, including the new associates degree program.

Seminole Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Bob Gragg says the new associates degree pathway is another example of how SHS allows students opportunities to chart their own path through high school and into college.

Associate’s Degree Pathway

The associates degree curriculum includes courses taken at Seminole State College and students who choose this pathway will earn an associate's degree from SSC. In this pathway, SHS students will begin college courses the summer before their junior year in order to complete the two-year program prior to their high school graduation. Upon completion of this learning pathway, students will also earn a standard high school diploma.

SSC President Lana Reynolds said the program is both a head start and a money-saver for prospective college students. “This is an excellent program that allows students to get ahead on accumulating college courses at minimal costs – and in some cases be able to complete full requirements for an Associate’s Degree as they leave high school,” said Reynolds.

“Tuition is waived and students are only responsible for fees and books associated with their classes. This is a financially lucrative option for getting college credit hours early and inexpensively,” said Reynolds.

SSC institutionally assumed costs associated with concurrent enrollment far beyond the reimbursement the college receives from the State.

Learning Pathways

The new associates degree curriculum expands upon the four existing learning pathways offered by Seminole High School: core curriculum, college preparatory/work ready curriculum, alternative education and virtual school. SHS Principal Wade Rigney says this wide variety of pathways allows families to develop a learning plan that fits each student’s unique needs and education goals. “At Seminole High School, we take pride in making personal connections with our students and searching for the learning pathway that best fits the needs and goals of each student. We understand that there is not a one size fits all education model. Different learning styles require us to be flexible,” said Mr. Rigney.

The college preparatory/work ready curriculum prepares students for the next level of education beyond high school. Through this program, students will receive a standard diploma. The core curriculum prepares students with the necessary skills to enter the workforce after high school graduation. This program provides students with a standard diploma. The alternative education program offers a different approach to learning with a nontraditional curriculum and schedule. Students earn a standard diploma through this program.

The Seminole virtual school option is a fully functional online option for students with alternative learning styles or unique circumstances. In this pathway, students have the choice between the college preparatory/work ready curriculum and the core curriculum. Students earn a standard diploma through this program.

To learn more about the five learning pathways available at Seminole High School, parents may speak with their student’s counselor during enrollment. To enroll in the Associate’s degree program for the 2021-2022 school year please call Mr. Rigney at the High School at (405) 382-1415.