Bethel Public Schools hires Dr. Matt Posey as new superintendent effective July 1

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star
Matt Posey will be the next Bethel Public Schools superintendent.

After 27 years as an educator in his hometown of Oilton, Dr. Matt Posey will take over as the Bethel Public Schools superintendent starting July 1.

According to Posey, he is honored to be selected as the new superintendent.

"It's very exciting — especially the change in my career coming from a district and community I grew up in," Posey said. "It's very exciting to start in a new district where they have a lot of different projects and innovation happening."

The educator said he can't wait to meet new people and get to know the Bethel community.

Posey was raised in Oilton and spent most of his career in the Oilton School District.

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"It's a small rural district. Pre-K through 12 and we run just under 300 students so we're quite a bit smaller," Posey said.

The administrator explained he wore many hats at his old district as he was a teacher and served the district as both superintendent and the high school principal.

"I just felt like I was getting to the point in my career where I needed a new challenge," Posey said. "This particular district and job was very appealing when I saw the opening. I knew the reputation in the past as far as academics and extra curricular and I was drawn to that."

Posey was inspired to become an educator by his older sister, former teachers and principals.

"I was always just intrigued by how they influenced me and motivated me and other students and it just kind of gave me an interest in education," he said.

Posey received his undergrad from Northeastern State University, his doctorate at Southwestern College in Kansas and received an additional masters' degree in school psychometry from East Central University.

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"Psychometrists are essentially the evaluators that come in to do screenings on students to determine if they qualify for special services and learning disabilities," he said. "I've just always kind of had an interest in it."

The educator said he acted as a psychometrist at his previous district when he was needed.

He loves all aspects of the school business, anywhere from teaching to coaching to acting as an administrator.

"I've enjoyed my different roles and responsibility over the years," Posey said.

Overall, Posey said as an educator he loves being able to make a difference.

"Whether it's a student or I can help make a difference with an employee whether it be a certified teacher (or) support staff just trying to help motivate them to achieve their goals within the district," he said.

He looks forward to getting to know the Bethel staff and students and helping the district expand.

While he's excited, Posey said one of the biggest challenges he'll face in the transition to a larger school district is all the extra resources he will have.

"I've got support and just trying to get used to that support because it's been along time since I've had that support around me so that's going to be the biggest change to get used to," Posey said.

The superintendent said he's ready to be a part of Bethel Public Schools and can't wait to lead the district.

"I'm really thankful for the opportunity and I very excited to come in and be a part of this district knowing that they've had an outstanding reputation for all their programs," Posey said. "I'm excited to work with the existing team here in the district."