Tecumseh Public Schools' new Assistant Superintendent Brandi Burks settles into role

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star

Since July, Brandi Burks has been the new assistant superintendent at Tecumseh Public Schools and has enjoyed every moment of it.

According to Burks, it's an honor to be chosen as the TPS Assistant Superintendent.

"It is hard for me to believe that I have been chosen to hold that title," Burks said.

The educator, who was born and raised in Tecumseh, is a Tecumseh graduate, along with various members of her family, including her parents, sister, brother-in-law, husband and two of her children.

"I have a son still in school at Tecumseh as well as two nieces. I started in kindergarten at Barnard Elementary in the basement of the old building that is now on the historic register," she said.

Tecumseh Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Brandi Burks enjoys her new position and loves working in TPS.

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Burks has fond memories of her education at TPS and after she graduated from Tecumseh High School in 1991, she did her student teaching at Cross Timbers Elementary.

"I eventually became the principal of Cross Timbers Elementary, which is where I was leading before being selected for the assistant superintendent position," Burks said. "My blood really does bleed black and gold."

Burks always wanted to be an educator because it was what God called her to do.

"I never really thought of working at anything else. I believe I was given the gift of teaching and called from the start," she said. "The Lord opened all of the right doors and led me down a very rewarding path."

Burks said she has learned from all her mentors and co-workers throughout the course of her career.

"All of the educators along the way have given me parts of them to hold on to and bring into my classroom and now into my job as assistant superintendent," she said.

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For Burks, the best aspect of being an educator is the people.

"Education is about people. It is about discovering other people's strengths and weaknesses and finding ways to help them overcome the struggles that are found in weakness and celebrate the victories found in it all," Burks said.

The educator's favorite subject to teach is reading because she loves seeing student's reactions to good stories.

"I have also been a library media specialist so reading and writing is an area that I enjoy watching kids experience and grow in," she said.

While she loves being a teacher and working in education Burks explained it's not without its hardships.

"When you work in education you learn to do a lot with a little," Burks said. "Today more than ever before the challenges are great. I believe the greatest challenge is the charge we are now given as educators to teach the whole child."

These days, Burks explained, educators are responsible for meeting physical, social and emotional needs of children.

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"It is a beautiful thing but can also feel overwhelming when time and resources are limited," she said.

As the year continues, Burks is excited to work with her fellow Tecumseh educators.

"I am looking forward to working with a team of people who are like-minded and dedicated toward continuing the development of Tecumseh Public Schools as a place of excellence," Burks said. "I am thankful for the legacy of the educators who have gone before me and helped to establish a pattern of strong consistent leadership."