Shawnee High School celebrates Homecoming Week

Elisabeth Slay
The Shawnee News-Star

For several days the students of Shawnee High School have enjoyed their Fall Homecoming Week and will complete it with a pregame crowning ceremony Friday, Oct. 8, at the Homecoming football game at 6:30 p.m.

According to Student Council Sponsor Danica Jackson, the theme of the week is "Soundtrack of Our Lives," which was chosen by students.

"Since music can be such a big part of students' lives it seemed like a natural choice and calling it the 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' really emphasized the role music plays in all of our lives," she said. "We all remember the music that was popular when we were in school."

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The Fall 2021 Homecoming Candidates include:

Cheerleader Madison Steele and football player Braden Kirkland; wrestlers Kaitlyn Atwood and Samuel Anderson; cross country runners Shalease Buckner and Zander Wood; volleyball player Madison Crowell and swimmer Josh Coons; softball player Stormee Reed and football player Jaylon Orange; swimmers Blair Brock and Bryce Holter; and band students Lesley Wiewel and Katigan Barksdale.

The Shawnee High School Fall Homecoming candidates include the following: in the front row, from left, Bryce Holter, Lesley Wiewel, and Blair Brock, second row, Shalease Buckner and Zander Wood, third row, Josh Coons and Madison Crowell, fourth row, Stormee Reed and Jaylon Orange, and top row, Samuel Anderson, Braden Kirkland and Kaitlyn Atwood.

"Homecoming week has been going well so far. Students from all grades decorated the hallways over the weekend in preparation for this week," Jackson said.

She explained freshmen selected a disco theme for their hallway, sophomores chose pop music with a Grammy awards twist and the junior hallway is full of rock and roll. Lastly, the senior hallway took inspiration from popular rap albums.

"Students have also participated in music themed contests and (enjoyed) a Karaoke Lounge event during lunch times on Thursday," Jackson said.

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Each day was a themed dress up day and both students and teachers participated.

Jackson explained the dress up days were as follows: Monday students wore band T-shirts; on Tuesday each grade represented their musical genre, and on Wednesday students dressed like their favorite musical artist. On Thursday students will wear clothes from the past, and on Friday students will wear this year's Homecoming T-shirts or blue and gold for spirit day.

Jackson said the shirts this year are black in honor of Friday night's Blackout game.

"It has been fun to see teachers, principals and other SHS staff take part in the dress up days," Jackson said. "Shawnee High School is enjoying this opportunity to come together and celebrate Homecoming traditions and build up school spirit. It's a great day to be a Shawnee Wolf."

The Student Council Homecoming Student Planning Team includes senior Payton Greenwood, senior Audrey Flood, senior Mariah Martinez, senior Abigail Looper, senior Briana Grigg, sophomore Marilyn Bartley, junior Alessandro Sciarretta and sophomore Sarah Daughtery.

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