Shawnee mayor, police chief compete for pie in the face at Bowl for Kids' Sake charity event

Tina Bridenstine
The Shawnee News-Star
A local team is stacking Mayor Ed Bolt and Police Chief Mason Wilson against each other to see who gets a pie in the face at Shawnee's Bowl for Kids' Sake event April 30.

As fundraising is underway ahead of the Big Brothers Big Sisters' Bowl for Kids' Sake event April 30, one team decided to reach out to the community in their effort.

The Freeze Frame team with First National Bank enlisted the help of Mayor Ed Bolt and Shawnee Police Chief Mason Wilson, who have agreed to take a pie in the face for the sake of charity.

Whoever's page gets the most donations will get the honor. However, First National Bank VP/Compliance Officer Greg Arbuckle said anyone who gets $500 raised will also share in the honors, meaning both Bolt and Wilson could potentially end up with a face full of pie.

Arbuckle said there will be a short break during the Bowl for Kids' Sake event, around 6 or 6:30 p.m., when they will set up a tarp and chair for whoever will “get the pie.”

“For safety sake and health reasons, I will let someone of their choice do it, so we don't have any issues with COVID or anything like that,” Arbuckle added.

He said the idea came about when another team did a similar fundraiser, only using bank employees as recipients of the pies. They decided to take a similar approach, but with members of the community at large involved.

How to donate to Bowl for Kids' Sake

Donations can be made through Thursday, April 29. Donations can be made online, or those wanting to donate with cash or check can take donations directly to First National Bank in Shawnee.

According to the Big Brothers Big Sisters website, Bowl for Kids' Sake is one of its biggest fundraisers, with teams collecting donations to go toward the mentoring program. The fundraising competition is followed by a bowling party to celebrate.

To donate to Wilson's page, go to

To donate to Bolt's page, go to

To see the Shawnee Bowl for Kids' Sake donation page, visit