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Letter: 'I personally did not agree with President Trump on everything'

The Shawnee News-Star

Dear editor,

This letter is a continuation of my previously-published response to Marilyn Bradford.

I will say this, I personally did not agree with President Trump on everything. He tends to be an ego manic but I personally believe he cares about our country and its best interest. I also think he should have been more careful on Wednesday, Jan. 6, not to rile up the crowd. He also should have gotten off Twitter. Although now, Twitter and Facebook have banned him. That’s another subject for debate. Apple has shut down the conservative social network Parler. They justify it under the guise that its participants are inciting violence. Wow, looks like our freedom of speech is under siege! Perhaps, they will decide to ban religious freedoms or other freedoms as well?

Presidential nominee Biden stated in his New Year’s Eve message on Twitter calling for the nation to “unite, heal, and rebuild in 2021.” He needs to get this message to his party’s members of congress as they are planning on new impeachment proceedings against President Trump that will run on well after Trump has left office. It seems to me they might be inciting more unrest. Remember 75 million Americans voted for Trump. What our country needs is unity and working together for the good of America. I’m hopeful that two more moderate Democratic Senators, Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Senator Jon Tester from Montana will step across the aisle and work together for the good of the country. We need to get back to being a Christian nation as one nation under God. This is how our great nation was founded. A deeply divided nation as it is today will not survive.

As for the final statement about the Oklahoma politicians, I commend, (Bice, Cole, Hern, Lucas, and Mullen) on voting their conscience and not giving in to the liberal left. For them to change their mind because of some out-of-control rioters would have been totally wrong. I believe they were absolutely correct to vote against certification of electors due to real concerns about voting machines ran by Dominion which have been know to have serious problems. They simply voted their conscience. Ms. Bradford stated that for us to remember those five at the ballot box, I do agree, let’s do and do it the patriot way and re-elect them.

Mark Reaves

Former Shawnee resident,

Flower Mound, Texas