Rep. Williams: National Day of Prayer

Rep. Danny Williams

Thursday was National Day of Prayer, and we recognized this with House Concurrent Resolution 1008. Prayer is a powerful thing—we start every single legislative floor session with a prayer from our House chaplain, and every Thursday, we hear a message from him as well.

In 1998, Congress recognized the power of prayer when they called on the president to issue a proclamation each year to designate the first Thursday in May as the National Day of Prayer to encourage citizens to turn to God in prayer at churches, in groups and as individuals.

I hope that on Thursday, and every day, you reflect on what a blessing it is to live in a nation with such freedoms and ability to practice our religion openly.

We are still working to develop the state budget for Fiscal Year 2022 as well. The Legislature’s one duty outlined in our Oklahoma constitution is to approve a budget for the next fiscal year, and we fully expect to meet our May 28 deadline.

While we’re still in negotiations, the House Republican Caucus is pushing for more education funding and to fully fund transportation. We’re always advocating for more money for agriculture and rural development as well. I’ll share more details about the budget as it is finalized and brought to the floor for votes.

Additionally, both chambers are continuing to hear amendments to our bills and meet in conference committee.

Currently on the Governor’s desk House Bill 1775, approved by the House this week. The bill would prohibit Oklahoma public schools, colleges and universities from incorporating certain messages about gender and race into any course instruction. It would also prohibit required mandatory gender or sexual diversity training or counseling in the schools.

Despite what you may hear, the bill doesn’t prevent teachers from teaching historical events nor the atrocities of things like slavery or genocide; instead, the bill says students shouldn’t be made to feel personally responsible for the actions of people in the past or guilty because of their gender or skin color.

Even as we pass more bills through the legislative process, we are continuing to brainstorm ideas for bills for the next year. I have been in meetings with the Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections about improving education options for incarcerated people so that when they’re released, they’re better prepared for a life outside of prison. This will help lower our recidivism rate and, in turn, result in less crowded prisons and lower overall tax dollars necessary to fund DOC.

Please feel free to reach out to my office to share thoughts on legislation. My office phone is (405) 557-7372 and my email is

Thank you the honor of representing House District 28!

Rep. Danny Williams, a Republican, represents House District 28 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. His district includes Seminole County and northern Pottawatomie County.