Rep. Sterling: 2-1-1 Impact on House District 27

By Rep. Danny Sterling

I want to spotlight a free service that provides critical services to all Oklahomans.

2-1-1 in Oklahoma is a free 24/7 phone service and benefits constituents in our community by providing access to information to more than 18,000 health and human resources statewide. It addresses crisis needs through suicide prevention and crisis intervention services and programs.

2-1-1- is becoming the non-emergency lifeline between the public and available community resources in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. It prevents homelessness through collaborative partnerships in the community and creating a referral plan for callers to improve the quality of their family’s lives.

The top five needs of Oklahomans are food, healthcare, mental health and addictions, utility assistance and housing. Utility assistance, housing and health care are the top three needs expressed by callers to 2-1-1.

In District 27 alone, 13,779 referrals have been made. During the pandemic, between March 2020 and December 2020, the total number of COVID-19 related calls was 204,240 and 136,494 Oklahomans were served through this service.

Serving as the first point of contact for the Oklahoma State Dept. of Health’s statewide COVID-19 Hotline, the 2-1-1 Community Resource Line’s top priority is to help people advocate and connect to critical public health and social services in Oklahoma.

Through 2-1-1, Heartline and Tulsa Community Service Council served more than 881,000 Oklahomans with services in 2020 statewide. Oklahoma’s 2-1-1 comprehensive resource database houses nearly 18,000 health and human service organizations and programs statewide.

I wanted to bring attention to this free service to so many in our community who could benefit from it.

Please reach out to anyone who you know that could benefit from utilizing 2-1-1.