Williams: Redistricting proposals finalized

By Rep. Danny Williams

Recently, the Legislature debuted our proposed maps for Oklahoma's five congressional districts, as well as updated maps for legislative districts.

Our redistricting process this year was the most transparent in state history.

All House members were placed on redistricting committees, giving all Oklahomans a seat at the table through their elected legislator. We also held 30 public town halls across the state to gather public input, as well as received dozens of publicly-submitted maps that were incorporated into the final boundaries.

The Legislature is required by our state constitution to redistrict legislative maps during regular session, but the pandemic slowed data retrieval from the U.S. Census Bureau, so the maps signed into law in the spring were only temporary. We knew they would likely need adjusting once we received our final population data and received a clearer view of how out population is shifting.

The amended House districts, which aim to each represent 39,202 Oklahomans, are very similar to the plan that received bipartisan, statewide support in May.

The only changes since May accounted for Oklahoma's greater than expected urban area growth in final Census data delivered to states in September by the federal government.

In the amended boundaries, House District 28 would retain most of its current district, but would yield some area north of Shawnee to House District 26.

However, HD28 would gain the southern portion of Pottawatomie County, including the towns of Tribbey, Anderson, Trousdale, Avoca, Asher, St. Louis, Ellaville, Sacred Heart, and Maud.

The southwestern portion of Pottawatomie County, running from the border with Cleveland County along State Highway 39 and ending almost at U.S. Route 177, would be part of House District 20.

Congressional districts are required to have exactly equal population. Pottawatomie and Seminole Counties would continue to be represented in the U.S. House by Congressional District 5.

Further details on the proposed House maps, as well as the updated maps for our five Congressional districts, can be found at Proposed state Senate maps can be viewed at

On Nov. 15, the Legislature begins our special session to consider and vote on the proposed maps. Until then, public comment on the maps can be submitted to for consideration.

Additionally, as your state representative, you can reach out to me to share your thoughts on the proposed maps.

My office phone is (405) 557-7372 and my email is

Thank you for the honor of representing House District 28!

Rep. Danny Williams, a Republican, represents House District 28 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. His district includes Seminole County and northern Pottawatomie County.