Our View: Don't miss out on premium content

News-Star staff

The Shawnee News-Star has served area readers since 1894 and continues to serve Shawnee and surrounding areas.

Our experienced journalists are part of the Shawnee-area community. We live here, work here, shop here. We're covering our community like no one else can.

Whether our readers get a newspaper delivered, pick one up at news rack or retailer, or log-in to the website to read the e-edition on a computer, tablet or phone, our work reaches readers in so many different ways.

Our business model needs paid subscriptions to help sustain local journalism, so that's why the News-Star has been designating some of our work on www.news-star.com as exclusive subscriber-only content, which is marked “For Subscribers.”

These are premium local stories you'll find no where else and that we can do best, such as explainer pieces, in-depth profiles and features, or other types of exclusively-produced news content by our local journalists. That means you'll need to be a paid subscriber with a log-in to our website to view stories online that are labeled "For Subscribers."

Some of the recent "For Subscribers" stories have included an in-depth feature on the long-awaited reopening of Shawnee Little Theatre, an explainer piece and follow-up story on the announcement of the 2022 planned closing of the TDK manufacturing facility, as well as a sports feature about a group of Dale basketball players, to name a few.

A lot of the local news content that readers are accustomed to seeing online, such as breaking news or routine local coverage, for example, will still be available and remain under the website model that gives visitors multiple articles monthly for free before they are asked to subscribe, but having unlimited access to everything is definitely a plus.

If you are already a digital subscriber, you get full access to the premium content. If you're a print subscriber with home delivery of the newspaper, you also get unlimited access to online content as well. To view "For Subscribers" content, you'll simply need to log in to the website if you have a log-in established. If you haven't set that up with your print subscription, you'll need to activate your digital account at news-star.com/activate. If you have any questions, please call customer service, (405) 214-3945.

To our current print and digital subscribers, we thank you for supporting our newsroom and the local journalism we produce.

If you're not a subscriber, we hope you'll keep coming back to news-star.com to read and sample our work. If you do that more than a few times each month and get our paywall notice often, we hope you will consider becoming a subscriber for full access and so you don't miss anything.

Now through March 18 is our flash sale for new subscribers. One-year of unlimited digital access on news-star.com, including the subscriber-only premium content, our e-edition as well as bonus e-edition pages, is just $39 for one year for new subscribers.

Our team of hardworking, dedicated journalists remains committed to serving this community and our readers. If you're not a subscriber, please consider becoming one and help support local journalism.

If you have any questions or comments, or have a story idea to tell us about, please email kimberly.morava@news-star.com or leave a message for call back at (405) 214-3922.