Letter: Pay for your ticket please

The Shawnee News-Star

Dear editor,

It was such a relief to hear CDC remove the mask use mandate from people who have been fully vaccinated.

Let me remind everyone however, this pandemic is far from over. Just last week, we had an average of 33,866 cases and 604 deaths daily. If we were in the midst of war, that many injured or dead would be horrifying. Looking at India, Brazil, Italy, France and even Japan, it is not hard to imagine that it can get much worse in a hurry.

Before the vaccines became available, our only defenses against the spread of this virus were masks, sanitizers and social distancing, which no one likes. The almost 95 percent efficacy of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines against any significant illness or death (and reducing spread) with minimal side effects after 270 million doses is nothing short of a miracle.

For multiple reasons, all baseless, non-factual or just from "fear of the unknown," many of use are hesitant to take the vaccines.

We have all been riding together in this train passing through a very long tunnel more than a year now. There is some light visible at the end of the tunnel. The train gets all its energy from the ticket payments made by its riders. If everyone pays, the trains will have more than enough "gas" to make it to that "Land of Liberty." However, only 50 percent have paid so far.

The rest are riding free! Will the train make it?

Please pay for your ticket — get vaccinated.