Letters to the editor: July 10-11

The Shawnee News-Star

Letter: Goings on at City Hall in Shawnee

Dear editor,

From what we read in Letters to the Editor about what is going on at City Hall in Shawnee, one would get the impression that Shawnee will be one of the prettiest abandoned towns in the history of abandoned towns! No, quaint saloon swinging doors, but it will have "parklets." I don't know. On the one hand, it's a gamble that Shawnee will be a thriving tourist attraction with a quaint walkable downtown. On the other hand, it's a gamble that downtown will lose business from not having enough parking space.  Who knows what the future holds in store? Both sides need to realize it's a gamble either way.

Matilda Williams



Letter: 'Alarming and dangerous announcement'

Dear editor,

The LA Times, and other media, recently reported the Washington, D.C. Capitol Police are establishing satellite offices in San Francisco and Tampa, Florida. The Capitol police are charged with protecting members of the U.S. Congress. When I read the announcement, I immediately thought why now and why these two locations? Not much information has been forthcoming and what follows is my opinion:

I have long since given up on sorting out the political from reality. Ostensibly, following January 6th, threats against members of congress have increased. What happened on the January 6th breaching of Capitol police security has been variously described as a greater threat to our national security than 911? The mayor of Washington, D.C. demanded National Guard troops guard the Capitol through May of this year. In my personal opinion, the protracted deployment of Guardsman had less to do with actual threats and more to do with a continuous evening news reminder the incident happened on President Trump’s watch; furthermore, he must be permanently removed from the political landscape.

Assuming the continued threats remain, why hasn’t the FBI, Secret Service or other segments of our 18 national intelligence agencies been tasked to perform their professional duties? Here’s a sure bet---the Washington, D.C. Capitol police are not in the same intelligence gathering league as the other 18 agencies. I do not question their commitment; however, their resources are dwarfed by larger and better equipped national agencies. I am very skeptical of the need to ask the Capitol police to provide Intel and protection for all 535 members of Congress at all times and locations outside the greater Washington, D.C. area. The staffing and funding aspects of the satellite locations have not been announced.

Now as to why San Francisco and Tampa locations. Speaker of the House Pelosi is from San Francisco. Maybe, just maybe, she feels a controversial politician cannot have too much protection. Florida is home to former President Trump and popular Governor DeSantis who are both potential 2024 White House candidates. We have seen before the political polarization of law enforcement agencies in the USA.

National police are abhorrent to most Americans. Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, China and Russia have national police. Maybe, just maybe, the San Francisco and Florida locations are a trial balloon for national police here. I strongly stand against such efforts.

Glenn C. Peck