Letters to the Editor: Oct. 2-3, 2021

The Shawnee News-Star

Man, it is great to be home again!

Dear editor,

HIPPA considerations preclude addressing specific details, however, I firmly believe God's Grace, the love, prayers, and support of many family members and friends, and the dedication of many highly trained professionals have combined for me to survive a perfect, perfect storm: (1) Total knee replacement; (2) COVID-19; and the tragic loss of my wife of 58 years.

Here's some early and important takeaways:

1. Life's playing field is many times shorter than we want to accept.

2. Many of you know first hand the dedication of thousands of medical and support personnel. But do you know of the countless "double shifts " being routinely pulled to keep us safe?.

3. Most of you know of my stances on many sociopolitical issues. Make no mistake, I challenge my fellow Oklahomans to stand up, vax up and link our hearts together to continue to make Oklahoma a safe place to work and play. Remember, COVID-19 is not about Red and Blue; it is about Me and You!

Glenn C. Peck