Letters to the Editor: Nov. 4, 2021

The Shawnee News-Star

'Lankford is trying to fool Oklahomans from inside the beltway'

Dear editor,

In his latest column (10/30-31), Senator Lankford says he hopes that “Oklahomans aren’t fooled by the messaging game from inside the beltway.”  This appears in a column in which Lankford is trying to fool Oklahomans from inside the beltway.  Here’s how.

His message is stated in his last paragraph: “Covid certainly had a huge effect on our economy, but this year the problem has not been the disease, it has been Biden’s ‘cure.'”  Lankford lists several effects, primarily inflation and supply chain difficulties, but the only Biden “cure” he names is the $2 trillion spending package in March.  

Lankford says this spending “proved to be a disaster.”  However, this spending was widely praised for helping many low- and middle-income people avoid sliding into poverty during the pandemic.  Lankford does not explain how this spending package was a disaster that caused inflation and supply chain difficulties.

Paul Krugman (Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, 2008) explains how the “disasters” Lankford tries to fool us into blaming on Biden are not caused by Biden (NYT 10/31).  

According to Krugman, a major driver of current inflation is an increase in energy prices.  But since energy prices are set in world markets, U.S. presidents cannot significantly affect energy prices.  Biden’s spending is not to blame.

Lankford gives the impression that inflation is disastrous.  But Federal Reserve Chair Powell (appointed by Trump) believes current inflation is a temporary response to COVID and to global trends needing no response from the Fed now.

Krugman says supply chain disruptions began with Chinese ports closing because of COVID, and a fire at a Japanese factory reduced the supply of semiconductor chips needed for the production of new cars.  Fewer new cars raised the price of used cars.  Lankford wrongly claims these were caused by Biden’s spending to help people during the worst part of the pandemic.

Krugman points out that since shortages and inflation are happening around the world, they are not the result of Biden’s policies in the U.S.  They are the result of economies trying to restart in the pandemic, and it will take time to sort things out.  Lankford shouldn’t try to fool Oklahomans about this.

In the meantime, Biden is in Scotland working on the crucial threat to our future, climate change.  Trump’s failure to deal with this during his presidency is the real disaster, not some inflation and backlogs of deliveries.  

Joe Hall



Beef facts over fear

Dear editor,

Most of us could benefit from a more balanced diet rich in fruits and veggies, and according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans there’s also room in our diets to choose lean beef more often.

Steaks, roasts and ground beef provide high-quality protein, Iron, Zinc, B vitamins and other essential nutrients that help offset nutrient shortages at every life stage - from young children to older adults.

In today’s world, beef can get a bad rap. Many think that there’s a pill or supplement for everything. What our bodies truly need is the nourishment of real, wholesome food. Beef’s high-quality protein and unique nutrient mix including high biological value protein for a balanced diet. Pairing produce with a favorite taste like beef can make it easier for more American to enjoy a healthier, balanced diet.

As a registered dietitian for 15 years and a mom to an athletic boy, I feed my son beef regularly so he receives the nutrient rich protein necessary for proper muscle, immune and nervous system function.

As an RD, I give people the tools to build better diets with healthy foods they enjoy, like beef. I encourage readers to try beef recipes that provide their families with the nutrients their bodies need and unmatched flavor they love.

The evidence-based research supports including beef in healthy diets.

Kara Kauk, MS, RD