Letters to the editor: Dec. 2, 2021

The Shawnee News-Star

'Real-life Grinch hit my home'

Dear editor,

I am a teacher at a low- income school in Oklahoma City.  It is a wonderful job and fulfilling to work with terrific kids who may not have had the best breaks in life.  Our entire staff works tirelessly to ensure they don’t become the creeps that did this. However, it leaves me with a very predictable schedule.  I go to work super early and come home super late.  I’ve always worried in the back of my mind about being safe.  I lock all doors, windows, close blinds, etc. when I leave my house.  I’ve always felt safe in Shawnee, until tonight (Nov. 29).

Someone entered my home while I was gone through a bathroom window they broke.  They stole all of my girls’ Christmas presents, a game system a friend had loaned us, and even the top of my Christmas tree.  Not sure why they took the top of the tree; maybe it’s just because they are jerks. The importance here is not the actual tree, but in the process they destroyed ornaments that had been collected by my girls since their first Christmas.  That’s what hurt my kids the most.  They will miss the presents, but they will get over that.  I can’t replace the ornaments that were smashed to bits under what was left of the tree.   

Whoever came into my home stole my pillowcases so they could carry out their pile of treasures.  After the police came, the officer informed me this is the fourth robbery they were called to on that day.  I’m just horrified that this was something that happened in our town.  My girls have cried all evening, not because of the loss of gifts, but because of the loss of their innocence and belief in the safety of our home.

I want to thank the Shawnee Police Department for their quick response.  I am fully aware that this is yet another thing to add to their growing list of responsibilities.  I’m asking that we as a community come together, and if you see something, say something. 

Angela Fang