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Asher pitcher Martin gearing up for next level at OSU

Brian Johnson

ASHER – After shaking off the disappointment of a cancelled spring baseball season, Asher High School senior Trevor Martin is gearing up for the next level as he will take his pitching talents to Oklahoma State University next season.

The 6-foot, 5-inch power pitcher is doing the best he can through the coronavirus pandemic by doing pushups, sit-ups, running in the yard and playing catch with his brother.

Martin is now ready for the challenge ahead after being courted by a couple of other schools. He is excited about the prospects of throwing from the hill for the Cowboys.

“I felt like Oklahoma State is a better fit for me. The atmosphere of Stillwater was better for me,” Martin said. “They kind of liked me for being a bigger guy and that I can develop into the type of player that they need me to be. They recruited me just as a pitcher and they thought I have a lot of potential.”

Martin has three pitches in his arsenal – fastball, curve and change-up – as they were very effective in a solid late run during the 2019 fall season. He was 4-0 to wrap up the fall campaign and was 6-3 with a 1.72 earned run average. He recorded a whopping 120 strikeouts and allowed just 27 walks in 57.3 innings of work.

Martin attributed the 4-0 late-season success to extreme focus.

“My focus was on my mechanics and staying focused on doing what I needed to do to help us win,” said Martin, who says his main pitch is obviously the fastball with the curve as his strikeout pitch.

“He is an old-fashioned power pitcher. In his last four games, I had some scouts tell me was throwing in the 93-94 mile-per-hour range and he has a power curve that was going about 78-79,” said Asher head coach Scott Hamilton. “He was overpowering high school guys.”

Hamilton says the apex of the fall season came in the regional championship game, a 6-1 victory over second-ranked Lookeba-Sickles.

“In that game, he threw about as well as any other time or better,” Hamilton said.

“It was a high-intense atmosphere and I think I went all seven innings,” Martin said. “It was great atmosphere in a win or go-home game.”

Martin gained exposure late last summer by competing in the Code Games in Los Angeles. High school all-stars were selected from each region of the country and Martin got in a couple of innings of work in the event, giving up no runs off a only one hit.

“It was awesome with being with some of the best of the best talent. It was a great experience for me, coming from a small town in Oklahoma,” said Martin.

Martin is also excited about the new baseball palace he will be playing in O-State's new O'Brate Stadium, which was supposed to open this spring, but was spoiled by COVID-19.

“I was able to see it before it was completed on a recruiting trip. It's extremely nice and one of the better places in the nation,” Martin said. “Anyone that goes there (to OSU) will be privileged. It's very nice.”

Hamilton likes the potential that Martin brings to the Cowboy program.

“He brings a lot of potential with Rob Walton as his pitching coach,” said Hamilton. “Trevor has a great chance to go up there and learn how to work at the next level. He will be exposed to elite competition and elite coaching. It's a win-win situation for him. He will have the opportunity at Oklahoma State to excel. I feel like a couple of years at Oklahoma State will be a big deal for his career.”