Butler registers five treys for Lions

Fred Fehr

STROUD — Sophomore Brady Butler was outstanding from 3-point range Friday night as Chandler defeated Stroud 51-38.

Chandler (2-7) collected nine 3-point field goals as Butler led the assault with five —three in the opening quarter and two in the fourth quarter.

Dalton Alsip, a Chandler senior, recorded 13 points. Adding eight points apiece were Chase Campbell and Markus Minshall. Minshall hit two 3-pointers.

“We played pretty good,” said Chandler head coach Shawn Blankenship. “We shot it pretty well.”

There were just eight total free-throw attempts in the game as Chandler went 2 for 3 and Stroud was 5 of 8.

Both Chandler squads will launch play Monday at the 66 Conference Tournament in Seminole.