North Rock Creek track teams win Prague Invitational

Brian Johnson
Shawnee News-Star, USA TODAY NETWORK
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PRAGUE – The North Rock Creek boys' and girls' track teams each captured first place in the BancFirst Prague Red Devil Invitational on Friday.

On the boys' side, Jones finished second, followed by Meeker, Bethel and Prague. Earlsboro ended up 10th.

In the girls' competition, Jones was second, followed by Okemah, Prague and Meeker.

The following is a list of the top three finishers in each event:


4x100 Relay

Prague 57.02

North Rock Creek 58.36

Okemah 1:01.29

4x800 Relay

Okemah 11:39.46

North Rock Creek 12:01.44

Prague 12:31.30

100-Meter Hurdles

Addie Wood (Jones) 19.29

Autumn Ingram (Meeker) 21.06

Chloe Carter (North Rock Creek) 21.31

4x200 Relay

Jones 1:56.69

North Rock Creek 2:02.76

Prague 2:03.98

800-Meter Run

Callie Sellers (Meeker) 2:39.56

Keelie Speir (Okemah) 2:44.73

Jaci Smith (Meeker) 2:48.06

100-Meter Dash

Boston Berry (Jones) 14.70

Katie Davis (Jones) 14.83

Lydia VanAntwerp (North Rock Creek) 15.08

3,200-Meter Run

Millie Carlile (Bethel) 14:20.00

Hailey Rice (North Rock Creek) 16:30.00

Aubree Gonzales (North Rock Creek) 16:34.00

400-Meter Dash

Lydia VanAntwerp (North Rock Creek) 1:07.10

Maddie Gaxiola (Okemah) 1:10.80

Tirzah Moore (Jones) 1:11.10

300-Meter Hurdles

ShiAnn Cox (Meeker) 55.78

Autumn Ingram (Meeker) 57.86

Gracie Smith (Okemah) 1:01.01

200-Meter Dash

Sophie Turner (Okemah) 29.72

Chloe Kasterke (North Rock Creek) 30.31

Emma Brill (Prague) 30.46

1,600-Meter Run

Callie Sellers (Meeker) 6:10.00

Keelie Speir (Okemah) 6:29.00

Desaray Robinson (Prague) 6:53.00

4x400 Relay

Okemah 4:34.00

Jones 4:39.53

North Rock Creek 4:53.00

High Jump

Tirzah Moore (Jones) 5-02.00

Trinity Moore (Jones) 5-00.00

Chloe Carter (North Rock Creek) 4-10.00

Long Jump

Kylie Pickard (Prague) 14-02.00

Emma Vanduser (Meeker) 14-01.00

Mack Mitchell (Jones) 13-00.50

Discus Throw

Emily Rowell (North Rock Creek) 103-09.00

Kylie Auld (North Rock Creek) 97-08.00

Heavyn Cowan (Prague) 92-09.00

Shot Put

Lillie Johnson (Prague) 28-04.00

Marybeth Frerichs (Meeker) 28-01.00

Emily Rowell (North Rock Creek) 27-09.00


4x100 Relay

North Rock Creek 45.87

Jones 46.92

Bethel 48.47

4x800 Relay

North Rock Creek 9:26.13

Bethel 9:49.05

Meeker 10:29.17

110-Meter Hurdles

Tristan Fraser (Okemah) 17.39

Maddox Motley (North Rock Creek) 18.69

Rayne Jones (North Rock Creek) 19.53

3,200-Meter Run

Riley Randall (Meeker) 10:59.26

Jordan Coody (North Rock Creek) 11:03.34

Andrew Moore (Earlsboro) 11:43.00

4x200 Relay

North Rock Creek 1:36.87

Jones 1:39.07

Bethel 1:46.98

800-Meter Run

Dez Loving (Bethel) 2:13.12

Braxton Bussell (Meeker) 2:15.09

Jordan Coody (North Rock Creek) 2:18.02

100-Meter Dash

Wyatt Hester (North Rock Creek) 12.80

Braydon Scott (Jones) 12.97

Conner Clark (Jones) 13.20

400-Meter Dash

Emmitt Murphey (Jones) 52.62

Will Irvine (Jones) 54.19

Tate Conner (North Rock Creek) 55.74

300-Meter Hurdles

Kobe Harrison (Butner) 45.33

Maddox Motley (North Rock Creek) 47.54

Alex Andrews (North Rock Creek) 51.23

200-Meter Dash

Xavier Meier (Bethel) 24.00

Seven Cawvey (North Rock Creek) 24.71

Mitchell James (North Rock Creek) 24.98

1,600-Meter Run

Braxton Bussell (Meeker) 5:03.71

Riley Randall (Meeker) 5:03.85

Jordan Coody (North Rock Creek) 5:05.97

4x400 Relay

North Rock Creek 3:46.00

Calvin 4:09.97

Strother 4:16.00

High Jump

Kurtis Wilson (Okemah) 5-08.00

Ethan Hodgens (Okemah) 5-06.00

Aiden Brown (Prague) 5-04.00

Pole Vault

Jake Atkinson (Prague) 5-06.00

Long Jump

Rayne Jones (North Rock Creek) 18-10.50

Colton Parish (Okemah) 18-05.50

Caden Wolford (Meeker) 17-04.50

Discus Throw

Skyler Berry (Jones) 135-03.00

Kobe Harrison (Butner) 121-01.00

Colton Burch (North Rock Creek) 115-11.00

Shot Put

Austin Conover (Jones) 42-03.00

Carson Holdsapple (Prague) 40-11.00

Kaden Chapman (Meeker) 40-09.00